We have a fairly frequent question we get asked and thought it justified a page all to itself.

As many of you know Infinity Internet & Easystreet were combined in late 2012, Christmas Eve to be exact was when it officially happened but it was several weeks later before the transactions were announced. The two companies were purchased in independent but concurrent transactions by Seaport Capital, the Columbian newspaper in Vancouver wrote an article about this which you can read here.

The combined company was initially but briefly rebranded as Easystreet and later as Atmosera, there was not another sale contrary to what many people believe. Atmosera was named as such to have a focus on the Cloud services business and continues to do so today.

In September of 2021 Doug Palin the original founder of Pacifier Online acquired the legacy portion of the business from Atmosera. If you ask him he will give you a short and simple answer, “I wanted the pacifier.com domain back, I have email on it, my wife has email on it and so do many family members and friends that I have known for decades. I already get support questions at  the golf course, social events didn’t want to hear the good natured jabs so to speak when the domains are sold off to the highest bidder”.

This acquisition followed casual discussions with Atmosera about the legacy business, Doug was one of a few people that really understood how intertwined the various Infinity acquisitions were. Unlike Easystreet, Infinity had acquired several other companies, some directly and others were acquisitions of acquisition in total there were 21 transactions of various sizes between 1998 and 2012. The Infinity customers had services that crossed into different domains and types of services, splitting things apart would be messy at best. There was several months of consideration that went into doing this by Doug and several discussions with family and friends, many times he was asked why would you do this again to which he repeated his prior statement.

There were several other people that asked are you going to build this up and sell it again, that was not the motivation with this time around. Will we take on new business, well yes in some fashion but our primary focus is migration at the time this article was written. We wanted people to be able to keep their email addresses, many of which have been in place for decades. We know full well what the disruption would be to change an email address and the amount of time it would take. Consider this business like the Bulletin Boards of days past (80’s & 90’s), we are trying to have fun, not trying to get rich from this but help people. This is not meant to sound sentimental just give you an idea of who we are and what we are about.

With the above in mind we are a really small Vancouver, WA based company. We don’t have a large call center staff, we try to keep week day hours, all the calls are sent to voice mail but we strive to call people back as quickly as we possibly can. We have been known to respond after hours both to calls and emails. In return we ask that you leave one voice mail not several or send one email with questions not war dial or email us like crazy, this honestly is counter productive. We will call or respond as quickly as possible. We do monitor the various systems and know likely before you do if there are issues and will address them as quickly as possible.