Current System Status and Announcements

6/1/2024 – 6:00AM – We believe all systems are operational with the easystreet business email servers.



Maintenance Notification – May 19th, 2024 – 6:45PM – 9:30PM PST – We have a planned maintenance during this time on the Easystreet Business email (Bluetie), some service will be offline during this event.


11/2/2023 – 12:00PM – We have reports that the Easystreet business email is currently experiencing issues. We will update this page further with more information as we learn more. Thank you for your patience while the issue is being resolved.

UPDATE 2:10PM – The issue should now be resolved and will continue to be monitored.


4/28/2023 – 7:30AM – The Easystreet business email is online and fully operational. We know this has been a frustrating week for everyone and very much appreciate everyone’s patience. Below is the update from Bluetie.

Resolved – While we continue to monitor closely, our storage vendor confirmed that the work we performed overnight has put us on the right path. We have some follow up work to do to ensure this never happens again. Thanks for your patience and understanding this week.


4/27/2023 – 3:45 – The Easystreet business email servers will be down starting at 5:00PM for the necessary maintenance to resolve the storage issue hopefully by early morning. We expect this to take several hours.


4/27/2023 – 1:15PM – The latest update we have regarding the Easystreet business email as follows. We will continue to post updates as they become available and very much appreciate everyone’s patience with this unfortunate situation.

Update – We are planning an emergency downtime tonight in order to get things back into working order for tomorrow. Based on what we have learned about the issue impacting us, this is the best, safest and quickest course of action available to us.


4/27/2023 – 11:00AM – Here is what we know at this point about the easystreet email platform outage. This is a direct quote from our vendor, we know this is not ideal but it will likely continue through the day.

Update – Performance is still very poor, impacting inbound email, webmail access and POP/IMAP access. Our team understands the root cause and how to fix the issue, but the storage needs to be responsive in order for us to fix the issue which involves moving users off of the storage. There will likely be no noticeable improvements during the day today. So sorry and appreciate your patience with us. This is our #1 priority.


4/27/2023 – 7:45AM – We are again experiencing speed issues with the Easystreet business email platform and are working with the vendor to resolve this. more updates to follow, we do believe the the web interface at is functioning however is slow at this point.


4/26/2023 – 5:30AM – We believe that the Easystreet business email platform is fully operational, we have been continuing to monitor overnight and all indications are that all mail has been delivered. If you are continuing to have issues please let us know.


4/25/2023 – 9:15PM – We have received additional updates about the mail platform that repairs are continuing on the storage array that in conjunction with the vendor that repairs are continuing. We don’t have an ETA at this point however and are waiting at this point.


4/25/2023 – 2:45PM  – Customers on the Easystreet Business email platform (Bluetie) are affected by a storage array issue. We have been in contact with the vendor and they are actively working on a resolution. We are waiting for an update at this point and will update this page as soon. We anticipate this even going on well into this evening.


4/25/2023 – 10:30AM – We are experiencing issues with our Easystreet Email Hosting services. If you have a domain with us and we are hosting your email please use the webmail at until the issue is resolved.

10:55AM – We are now receiving reports that the webmail site may be experiencing issues as well. We appreciate your patience while the issue gets resolved.

11:55AM – We do not have an estimated time for when services will be running properly yet. Mail queues are backed up and causing issues. Webmail is still experiencing issues intermittently.


4/20/2023 – 7:00AM – customers, Microsoft appears to be having issues with missing links & icons in their online platform. This may prevent some users from accessing webmail until this issue is resolved. We will update as we know more but it is system wide with their platform from what we have been learning.


4/18/2023 – There will be maintenance on the servers taking place on 4/30/2023 at 12:30AM Pacific time. The expected maintenance time will be approximately 3 hours. This will affect all Easystreet Email (business) hosting users.
When:  4/30/2023 at 12:30AM Pacific
Planned Duration:  Up to 3 hours
Impact to you:  All email services will be down.


3/27/2023 – Earlier this morning we had an authentication issue that resulted in bounced emails. The issue has been resolved. Let us know if any problems persist.


2/28/2023 – Earlier today the facility where Infinity Internet hosts some equipment in Portland there was a power related event during a routine generator load test. While there are substantial layers of redundancy in these systems it ended with a major failure in the power for the data center Helio is located in. Power has been restored to the Helio equipment and service is back online.

We will be working with the datacenter operator on this event to hopefully prevent this in the future. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time and very much understand the frustration.


2/15/2023 – We will be conducting a server maintenance starting at 10:30PM PST for approximately two hours that will have an impact on our user console We will be restarting servers and performing a migration during this time. While we expect our mail servers to be redundant we ask that should you start receiving prompts for an invalid password please don’t change any configuration.


1/23/2023 – We have discovered that our weekly backup caused some issues and literally filled up our network storage, approximately 32Tb of space. This caused no new emails to be received, this included any voice mails that were left for us once the event started around 10:30-11:00 approximately. We have resolved the issue and email service has been restored. Any emails that arrived during this time frame were returned to the sender, we can not express how frustrated we are by this and will work on additional monitoring to prevent this in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.





Service Affected: Easy Mail Hosting (EasyStreet Business Email Hosting)

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 @ 7:00 PM to 10:00 AM PST




Attention customers – We have sent email about Basic authentication to many of you over the past several months. If you have not yet taken action you need to configure your email client (program) for Modern authentication by Sunday 1/22/2023 which is the latest date that we have received from Microsoft. On our support pages there is reference to this necessary change for various mail programs, click on “Easystreet  Authentication Changes” in the upper left corner where you will find the more common mail programs listed. If you find your mail program is not functioning you can access your email via the webmail at, make sure you select the “Work or school” account type.

There are some mail programs that don’t work with modern authentication, we do have the ability to move you to a different set of servers which will work with older mail programs then the Office 365 platform you are currently on. This will require you setting up a new profile in your mail program and we will perform a migration of your email from the Microsoft platform. This process takes several hours and if you have any calendar or contacts stored on the Microsoft server the other server will no longer support this and you will need to store these  locally on your device(s).

We know this is a frustrating change and this is one of the reasons why we have deployed this hybrid solution over the last several months and have been migrating customers to it.


12/31/2022 – We are receiving a message from customers that have received an email about an upgrade to our email system, this was not from us an is an attempt to get access to your password. Please don’t click this link, if you have already done so please change your password at


11/19/2022 – We are receiving reports of customers receiving a message asking them to click a link to verify our domains. So far we have seen nwlink & Please ignore these and just delete, we don’t need them forwarded to us.


11/15/2022 – We are continuing efforts to assist customers with email addresses to update their software or migrate to another email platform that we have. This is not a change of email addresses but a change of mail server settings. If you have received an email about this please call us for further assistance.


11/14/2022 – We are receiving reports of some customers receiving a message that we are making changes to our webmail and that a link needs to be clicked on, this is a fake message meant to get your login credentials. Please just delete the message, there is no need to forward the message to us (we have plenty of them). As much as we are constantly making changes to the spam filtering on occasion one of these slips through.


11/7/2022 –

We will be deploying a new and improved user management interface this week for customers on the Infinity Internet platform. This will have no affect on and the easystreet business email platforms. Any error messages you receive if possible send details to us via email with screen shots if possible. You help and patience is greatly appreciated.


10/18/2022 – 6:20PM – Service has been restored on all the mail servers, if you are having issues please restart your computer. If the issue persists please contact us for assistance.

10/18/2022 – 5:50PM – We are currently installing a new certificate on our mail servers, very sorry for the interruption service should be restored shortly.

10/18/2022 – 5:30PM – We are currently investigating reports of a certificate issue with our mail servers.


9/7/2022 – We are sending a series of emails about changes to authentication for our customers using different email clients, so far we have sent out to customers running iOS devices (iphones and ipads) as well as outlook 2013 and 2016. Please let us know if we can help with this changes.

9/4/2022  – We have had a series of  emails sent to our customers attempting to gain access to accounts. If you received one of these emails and have clicked on the link and ultimately entered your password please change your password immediately at otherwise just delete the message.


8/29/2022 – 11:50AM PDT – DNS services have been restored for the affected domains.

8/29/2022 – 11:00AM PDT – We are currently working on an issue related to our DNS servers, any domains with DNS pointed at dns1,2, will be affected by this.

8/23/2022 – 8:00PM PDT – Maintenance will be performed on the mail servers for the (Blue Tie) service on 8/23/2022 starting at 8:00PM, this will cause an associated downtime as the storage array will be taken offline for approximately 2 hours. Please don’t change any settings during this work as service will automatically restore upon the completion of the work.

8/14/2022 – 8:25AM – password errors – After some extensive work with Microsoft we have learned that they are changing authentication methods for all of their hosted email accounts and they are doing rolling disables of what is called “Basic Authentication” in favor of “Modern Authentication” for 48 hours at a time. We will begin to provide details how to change this on different email clients. This is a similar situation of what we experienced a week ago without being able to get more specific details. You can access your email at in the interim. We have taken manual steps to enable service.

We are as frustrated as everyone else at this point about this as we had not been notified this was happening but it has been in the works since May 2021 apparently. Since it affects some but not all of our customers we will begin contacting the affected customers once we have been able to get a list. There will be updated support pages in the next couple of days.


8/14/2022 – 7:00AM – password errors – We began receiving reports yesterday afternoon with customers having password issues on iphones and ipads. Further investigating revealed that this is more a problem with all devices connecting with imap. If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird you may be able to solve this by going into your server settings, and change your authentication method from “Normal Password” to “OAUTH2”. You can follow our tutorial here.

We are working with Microsoft on this and will update this page as we know more.


8/5/2022 – 1:30 PM – Customers with email addresses.

Microsoft has disabled basic authentication for our customers. We are hearing from a small number of people that their POP accounts are no longer able to receive emails and in some cases send email. To correct this issue you will need to re-add your email account to your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc) and set it up as either an “Exchange” or “IMAP” account. Do not delete your POP account. If you do, you may lose any emails downloaded onto your device.


7/29/2022 – 3:30PM – Maintenance notification

Maintenance will be performed on the mail servers for the (Blue Tie) service on 7/31/2022 starting at 8:00PM, this will cause an associated downtime as the storage array will be taken offline for approximately 3 hours. Please don’t change any settings during this work as service will automatically restore upon the completion of the work.


6/1/2022 – 9:00PM – We have heard from several customers that email is functioning normally.

6/1/2022 – 2:00PM – We have confirmed there is a substantial outage affecting customers with traffic passing through Wave’s network. This does not mean customers of Wave but just those who have traffic passing through Wave. Apparently Wave and Google at a traffic exchange point  have been experiencing issues since midnight local time. This issue is being worked on and information has been intermittent at best as infinity does not have a direct relationship but does have contacts to get details. This seems to be affecting our hosted business email customers only at this point.


6/1/2022 – 12:27PM – We have a small number of reports for email errors on our easystreet business hosted email platform, Bluetie. We are still working to determine the pattern with this and believe it is a problem with some service providers that our customers are using. The mail servers are operational and accepting requests. If you are on this platform it would greatly assist us if you could let us know who your service provider that you get your internet connection from when you call. If at all possible if you could send us your public IP address this would greatly assist.


5/25/2022 7:30AM – The interface is generating an error message after logging in, this is affecting the ability to view spam folders and settings. We are working on the issue, you may still access your spam folder through our webmail.


5/16/2022 11:10AM – An authentication issue on outbound email has been resolved as of 11:00AM.


5/16/2022 10:45AM – We are currently investigating an issue with our email servers causing outbound email to not send, we are working to resolve the issue. Please don’t make any system changes, update to follow.


5/5/2022 7:30AM – The certificate errors with have been resolved and all service is fully functional.


5/5/2022 6:30AM – We are experiencing certificate errors with our webmail interface. We are working on getting this resolved currently.


4/14/2022 – We have largely completed our billing migration, we do have a small number of accounts that are not yet in billing but are working quickly to resolve these few accounts and will be contacting these customers in the coming days. If you have been receiving invoices or late notices from us this are likely from us and should not be ignored. We have been disabling service for accounts that are not paying in small batches. We really hate doing this as we value our customers and the long term relationship. Please don’t ignore these email late notices as we are not sending paper invoices.


4/13/2022 – 8:50PM – We are investigating an issue with our Easystreet business email hosting not responding both on mail clients and webmail. The Infinity Email service and the services remain operational. A later update will follow once we have additional details.


4/7/2022 – 12:01AM  – We will be performing a service impacting maintenance on our primary network storage for approximately 1 hour. During this time email will not be available, web site hosting will continue to operate during this work. We will work to minimize the service disruption during this time.

4/6/2022 –  We have disabled the ability to forward to Gmail, it appears spam filtering settings were changed on their servers and they are flagging mail from us as spam. This was a difficult decision but we need to allow mail to be sent to gmail users. If you were affected by this click this article to see how to setup a external account to download your mail on gmail.

Forwarding Emails to Your Gmail Account

3/27/2022 – is currently giving error messages, we are working on renewing the SSL Certificate. Will likely be Monday before this is resolved.

3/17/2022  – 2:20PM – We have migrated our webmail to a new platform. We are waiting for DNS to fully update, this more modern platform has been available for the last few weeks and many of you have switched.  If you are having issues a reboot of your computer should force the DNS update which will naturally happen in 1-2 hours.


2/18/2022 – There is a scheduled maintenance this evening starting at 5:00PM PST on the Easystreet Business Email customers that is not expected to be service affecting but potentially could cause issues. Please monitor this page for updates.


2/18/2022 – 7:45AM – The issue with the Easystreet Business email accounts was largely resolved at approximately 6:00PM last night, if you are continuing to have issues please let us know we are happy to assist.

2/17/2022 – 4:15PM – There is currently a data center outage causing some customers with Easystreet business email the inability to send/receive email. We are aware of this event and are working with our vendor and partner to resolve this. We appreciate your patience and will update this page as we know more.


2/17/2022 – 3:35PM – We are investigating problems with Easystreet Business email, meaning customers with their own domains having trouble sending and receiving email. We will update as we know additional details.

2/3/2022 – Starting at 6:00PM – 9:00PM the servers for will be migrated to new servers, this may affect some functions during this migration.

1/12/2022 – We will be performing a maintenance on our new cpanel hosting platform this evening that will require reboots starting at approximately 11:00PM. The IP address of the servers will change and DNS as a result will require an update. This will affect our support website site and as well for this change.


1/3/2022 – We will be starting to move customer websites that we host in the coming days to a new web server platform. We have been testing this platform for a few months, in fact it was one o of the first things we started working on after taking back over. This platform has a much newer and more modern admin interface and of course newer software. We will be selecting existing sites to move that we feel are good candidates to move that wont require major changes. Please stay tuned for more on this.


1/1/2022 – Happy New Year everyone!


12/29/2021 – Scheduled Maintenance 9:00AM – 4:00PM – We will be migrating additional servers, specifically web servers to a new rack in the data center. We will be able to move a server at a time and the failover equipment will handle this without interruption. There will be a couple servers we will need to move and this will require about 15 minutes of downtime for these servers. The affected servers will be which is the server that controls activation of accounts, it will resume operations when we bring it back online. The second server is a MySQL server that provides data base services to our web servers. We expect 20-30 minutes of downtime while we make the moves.


12/27/2021 – We will be incrementally replacing our incoming mail servers today starting at approximately 12:30PM. This should be a transparent change as there are several of them and we will be doing one at a time. As part of this upgrade or change we will also be deploying much newer spam filtering we have high hopes will provide for less spam arriving.



12/13/2021 – We have several customers reporting that they have received an email claiming to be from us about upgrading mailbox versions, this is not from us and is an attempt to gain access to your account and then subsequently use your account to send out more messages like this one. These messages are common and should be ignored, there are no circumstances that we would send an email like this asking for you to go to a foreign site. All access to our systems for billing will be through sites once we have billing operational, there will be a later email about this in the coming days.

We are working on upgrades to our spam filtering as part of our larger system migrations to catch these messages so they are not delivered. We don’t need more of these forwarded to us, please just delete the message and move on so to speak.



Maintenance notification:


We will be conducting a maintenance starting on 12/8/2021 at 12:15AM for approximately 1 hour. This will require a reboot of our primary file server.



Update – 12/5 – 6:00PM – All systems are operational, a few minor items we are working on currently.


  • Billing is one of our big items we have been working on behind the scenes as time has allowed. We are very close to being able to grant access to the billing portal, some fine tuning remains. We appreciate everyone’s patience, as we have said we have not disabled service for anyone for non-payment and wont be until we are fully operational. All bills going forward will be electronic, meaning we will email you an invoice for payment.
  • Spam White/Blacklist additions are presenting an error message. We believe this has been happening for several months and will require some additional work to correct.

Update – 12/1 – 5:45PM – All systems are operational, a few minor issues remaining


  • Spam White/Blacklist additions are presenting an error message. We believe this has been happening for several months and will require some additional work to correct.
  • We are planning some work late this evening to move two servers, this will cause approximately an hour of downtime on It will not affect operations just password changes from the website while we do this work. We anticipate starting at 10:00PM.


Update – 11/28 – 11:00AM – All systems operations with a few minor exceptions



  • Missing folders after migration for customers using IMAP, please delete your profile and recreate. This will cause the server to sync your email again. Please make sure you have a backup.
  • Pine on the new shell server is operational,
  • White/Black list intermittent reports of not functioning, we are investigating to determine the cause.

We appreciate your patience while we work on any open issues.


Update – 11/22 – 11:20PM – DNS issue from earlier today has been resolved, very sorry. All systems are operational. Details below on known minor issues we are working on.


Update – 11/21 – 9:30PM – All Systems are fully Operational, however we have heard from many people that are having problems sending email due to some incorrect settings that may have worked in the past.

Here are links to three common mail clients in use by our customers.

Outlook 2013 and newer

  • There are some notes on this link for older outlook versions that will help.

Mac Mail



If you need assistance with your mail program and the above does not help please feel free to call us, if we don’t answer it does not mean we are not around but we will return your call. We have been answering the phones as much as possible and were available over the weekend trying to keep up and take care of as many of you as possible.


We do have some reports of some minor problems with some older lesser used functions, we will try to update this list as we learn about other issues.


  • White/Black list editor is presenting errors and reports of addresses not being blocked. We are investigating
  • Pine on the shell server is not accessing email, investigating and likely will replace the shell server sooner then planned.
  • Folders disappearing on customers using IMAP, you may need to connect to
  • Reports of missing spam folders, being investigated currently.


Below is all the announcements that we posting during what was intended to be the replacement of a disk storage array. This upgrade was meant to be the first step in a series of smaller maintenance events. However several of the “older” servers following the reboot were not able to access the network storage on the new storage array. While we had expected some minor problems we didn’t remotely expect this to happen. There were three of us working on the move Wednesday evening / Thursday Morning that were left speechless by this series of events, well not really speechless but I won’t repeat here what was being said.

The decision was made to deploy new mail servers early Thursday morning, while we had new servers prepared for an eventual migration we didn’t expect to be doing this on the fly so to speak. Once this was done they performed very well however we quickly discovered how many of our customers had settings that while they may have worked previously simply were incorrect in a number of ways.  Some examples:

Mail clients (Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, etc) were not set to authenticate to send mail.

Full email addresses were not being used for the username, instead only the name left of @domain was being used.

The same mail server names were being used for both incoming and outgoing.

By the time we were “done” with the major work we had replaced 12 servers and done repairs on two web servers.

Many of these servers have not been rebooted in several years, we had concerns that given the age of them they possibly would not come live. We are continuing our upgrade plans once the dust settles from this.



Update 11/20 – All systems operational.

Update 11:00PM – 11/18 – 11:00PM – We believe that all systems are operational and have been since approximately 6:00PM, we have assisted several people who have had various issues. Many of these have been adjustments to settings that we set slightly different then what we have suggested for years. We are happy  to assist you with any changes. We will send a follow up email tomorrow with more details about what happened, we greatly appreciated everyone’s patience. We didn’t expect this maintenance work to happen like it did.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 4:31PM  – We have discovered that some DNS servers are resolving about 40% of the time with the IP addresses of our old mail servers. We believe this will resolve itself over the next 45-50 minutes. Again we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 4:20PM – We have finished deploying replacement webmail servers to our data center and this service should be fully operational. Very sorry for the delayed report.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 2:03PM – We have received reports of customers who are using webmail that are not seeing their additional folders. They are indeed on the server and we have a process running that will re-subscribe those folders. There was a naming issue from  the old system to the new, since we had to quickly deploy new mail servers we had not taken this into account to do ahead of time. These folders should start appearing as we do this.


Maintenance Update – 11/17/2021 – 1:40PM – Work is continuing to bring new web servers online to repair two old web servers that we had fail during  the migration over night. We are very sorry this is taking so long  to complete this, this failure was very unexpected. We will update this page with details as soon as we have them.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 10:50AM – We believe that those of you using your own mail program such as outlook, thunderbird or a smart phone are working at this time to receive email, we are working on the ability to send email out as well as bring back online. We appreciate your patience during this very unexpected series of events. 


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 9:45AM – We have had to deploy new email servers that we had been preparing earlier then expected to solve some issues we have been seeing after the disk migration. We are still in the process of this and it will take approximately 1 hour for DNS to update. We are very sorry for this unexpected problem.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 9:10AM – We are still working on restoring service following some unexpected issues with some rather dated equipment. We greatly appreciate your patience.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 8:08AM – During the migration we had some unexpected issues with the servers that are, we have migrated them to new servers that we had been preparing to eventually migrate too. DNS will update shortly which should restore email service, you may be able to reboot your computer. We are also working on restoring concurrent to this.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 7:00AM – We have been working as fast as possible to restore email service and the scheduled maintenance is taking longer then expected. We will continue to update this page as often as possible.


Maintenance Update – 11/18/2021 – 5:22 AM – Scheduled maintenance is still in process, we are working on bringing services online. We will continue to bring services online as quickly as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we conduct this work.




Maintenance Notification – Updated 11/17/2021 – 8:00AM


Infinity Internet will be conducting a service affecting maintenance Wednesday November 17th starting at 11:00PM to replace a disk storage array. We expect this maintenance to take four to six hours. Web sites will be offline for approximately 1 hour and email will be unavailable but incoming delivery will be queued for the duration of the work. We will work to minimize the duration of this event and we greatly appreciate your patience as we conduct this maintenance.

This will require that services will be offline for customers with email address in these domain names.
This maintenance will be service affecting and you will not be able to check for email during this time and websites hosted on these servers will be offline. Following the completion of our work all email will be delivered.


11-7-2021 – 1:00PM: All systems operating normally

At the present time we are very actively working on our billing system migration, this is taking much longer then expected. While we are anxious to complete this we want to get this right the first time. If you have account changes you wish to make please email us and we will take care of these prior to the migration being complete. We know that many of you have called and emailed asking about the billing and how to update payment information. Believe me we are anxious to get the billing system and payment portal operational, it helps us a great deal to provide support actually as we can better assist you. In the interim we have not been disabling accounts for payment reasons and will provide plenty of notice once it is operational. We will need everyone to provide new payment information to us once we have completed this project.

We also are concurrently working on a server migration project that will affect some of our customers. The changes we are making will affect the Infinity Internet customers during what are hopefully some brief outages. For the curious among you the high level details of what we are doing.

  • Upgrades to all the Infinity mail server hardware, it is in place and configuration has been underway for approximately a month.
  • Updated webmail client to replace squirrel mail which was out of date several years ago.
  • Updated disk storage.
  • Webhosting upgrades are likely to bring the backend software up to date.
  • Likely deployment of new webhosting control panels and some additional features.

We will post an announcement on this page prior to making any server changes. We appreciate your patience while we work through these change, many of these changes are a fairly significant undertaking but there has been a fair amount of progress behind the scenes.